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                             Repalcement Carving (wheat ears, leaves and fir cones) Grindling Gibbons 1693, From Trinity College Oxford,                                                                                                   CASE STUDIES
Carving Conservation
TRINITY COLLEGE CHAPEL REREDOS  Limewood The   lime   wood   reredos   carving   at   Trinity   College   Oxford,   has   been   described   as   some   of   the   finest   work   of   Grinling Gibbons    mature    period.    It    was    carved    in        1693    as    the    centrepiece    of    the    Grinling    Gibbons/Arthur    Frogley woodwork   in   the   chapel.   The   carving   was   painted   in   the   early   18th   century,   perhaps   due      to   difficulties   cleaning the   bare   lime   wood   that   characterizes   Gibbons   work.   Severe   attack   by   common   furniture   beetle   had   left   the carving   in   a   very   delicate   state.   We   removed   the   carvings   from   the   wall,   consolidated   the   worm   damaged   areas and   replaced   any   missing   tendrils   and   stalks   that   conferred   a   structural   benefit.   In   addition,   detailed   19th   Century photographs    of    the    reredos    showed    elements    of    carving    that    have    now    been    lost.    Some    of    these    losses unbalanced   Gibbons   design   intention,   and   it   was   decided   to   reinstate   these   elements   based   on   the   photographic evidence   and   with   careful   reference   to   the   surviving   carving.   These   circumspect   replacements   have   been   left unpainted, so it is clear on close inspection where missing carving has been replaced.
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Caston Church Norfolk. Carving repairs to the 15th century angel roof
The Radley Altarpiece 1535
               Director Alan Lamb